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The spectral of Levia output is in the 311-315nm Narrowband wavelength. By eliminating the 290-300nm component of UVB, there is a lower potential for erythema. Therefore, Levia can deliver stronger doses (multiple MEDs) to psoriatic plaques. Levia can deliver the level of light energy required for healing through a typical course of 25 30 treatments or with accelerated dosimetry, clearance can be achieved in as few as 10 treatments for psoriasis patients.
Professional Use - Light weight wand and brush are designed for office use with multiple patients, yet durable for years of performance. It comes with a start-stop hand switch and may be controlled remotely by a foot pedal.

Low Consumable Costs - The device is available in both UVB and NB UVB. The lamps may be easily replaced at the office and have low total consumable cost compared to lasers.

2 Larger Fiber Optic Brushes - Larger, clinical grade brush covers more area and places light directly on the scalp for effective, drug free treatment.

Lumera Beam - Beam provides pinpoint accuracy and flexibility to shape light precisely to affected areas, avoiding healthy skin and significantly accelerating treatment progress over traditional methods

Timer and Output Level Dial - Combined with an included light meter, allow for precise control of duration and intensity of treatment.

Lamp: 200 Watt proprietary technology Active spectrum: 290-320 nm Lamp life: Approximately 500 hours Input voltage: 230V AC Frequency: 50 Hz Input current: 3 A @ 120 Volts (1.5 A @ 220 Volts) Dimensions: 320 x 320 x 140 mm Weight: 11 lb (5 kg).
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