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Description :
The new advanced technology adopts insulated needle for treatment without damaging epidermis and minimises downtime. Application of high density energy reduces irradiation time of high frequency and shortens the treatment time epochally resulting in increasing the treatment effect and minimising pain. Application of powerful motor enables you to insert needle uniformly even for curved dermis.

Optimized treatment for the purpose of dermis coagulation shows an excellent effect in the treatment of gular suture, laugh line, philtrum wrinkle, etc., which were difficult to treat with other devices.

The Unit has both ablative and non ablative tips.
Channels 18 Independent Bipolar Channels
Frequency 1 MHz
Needle dimensions 200 μm
Spot Size 15 x 15 mm
Energy 3mJ-8J (Each electrode)
Repeat time 0.50 - 1.40s, OFF
Pulse duration 1 ms - 100 ms
Density level 49 dots (needle 7x7)
Operating Mode Invasive & Non Invasive
User Memory Four presets (M1-M4)
Needle Depth control 0.1 mm - 4.0 mm
Display 8.4” LCD Color Touch Screen
Electrical requirement 230V AC, 50 Hz
Dimensions 270 x 430 x 1000 mm
Weight 20 kg
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