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Q_Switched Nd:YAG Laser provides High power output upto 1.8J at 1064nm
Marvelous Smartrion-Q-provides satisfactory results by the effective removing treatment at almost every pigment troubles.

It can remove the targeted pigment selectively but very little damage to the dermis and epidermis. Our PTP mode has the patient feel little pain and the skin regenerate sooner.
Item   Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser
Wave length   1064m/532nm/585nm/650nm
Operating mode   1064nm Mode/532nm Mode
585nm Mode/650nm Mode
Genesis Mode
Pulse Energy 1064nm Long pulse N/A
1064nm (Single) Max. 1.0J
1064nm (Double) Max. 1.8J
1064nm (Genesis) Max. 2.3J
532nm (Single) Max.500mJ
Fractional Mode 532nm (Double) Max.500mJ
585nm Max.250mJ
650nm Max.150mJ
Pulse Width Nd:YAG 5-8ns
Spot Size   2~10mm (1064/532nm)
2mm (585/650nm)
Pulse Rate
Smart protocol installed in the device
  Max. 1Hz-10Hz
Aiming beam   Diode 650nm
Optional Handpiece   585, 650 Hand piece
Fractional handpiece
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