A brand is a personification of a product, service or even an entire organization. Healkeren a brand stands for innovation and reliable technology in the field of Dermatology, Cosmetology and Neonatology.

Healkeren is a dynamic company that takes pride in itself as young, energetic and an experienced team, pioneering in supply of medical devices. Our vision is to address Dermatology, Cosmetology and Neonatology fraternity in total.

Being an explorer in medical devices we guarantee maximum care and concerned in efficacy and quality. Our units are produced with high quality components to ensure perfection and to optimized results. With this, we firmly set our sights to grow as a large conglomerate in medical technology.
About us
Resuscitation Centre
heal - HMI RC
heal - RC100
heal - RC
LED Phototherapy
heal - STP LED
heal - DSP LED
Open Care System
heal - OCS100
heal - OCSP101
heal - OCSP102
Baby Incubator
heal - ICI
Baby Incubator
Baby Trolley
Infant Radiant Warmer
heal - RWS
heal - RWAT
heal - RWDT
Oxygen Hood
heal - OXN/OXP